The Food
Revolution is Here

Modern food production ways are unsuitable to cover the growing demand for affordable and high quality food in a sustainable way.

FoodNear helps satisfy the demand for healthy homemade meals for anyone.

How FoodNear Works

FoodNear is a semi-charitable platform where any user can monetize their culinary ideas or buy healthy meals at competitive prices.
We connect meal cookers and chefs with customers on the same platform via Mobile App using FoodNear Token Binance Smart Chain based blockchain solutions.


Meal choice and order according to your preferences


Chef prepares food at home


The order will be delivered right at the customer’s door


Receiving of the product and quality confirmation

Why FoodNear

By 2040 food production and distribution will have to increase by over 50% to satisfy the huge demand of the growing world population.

FoodNear Token Offers:

  • Food Accessibility
  • Affordable Price
  • Sustainability
  • Micro-Entrepreneurship
  • Sharing Economy
  • Supply And Demand Balance
  • Charity Movement

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Q2 2022
  • Partnerships with several funds and charities
  • Website launch
  • Private sale
Q3 2022
  • Public sale
  • MVP creation
  • Beta testing registrations
  • Public test
Q4 2022
  • Decentralized app launch
  • Collaboration with restaurants to create a mutual NFT collection
  • Start of NFT marketplace creation
Q1 2023
  • Staking FoodNear tokens
  • Launch FoodNear program in Toronto
  • Creation of FoodNear Foundation
  • Creation of DAO charity fund, which allocate and distribute funds
Q2 2023
  • Scaling FoodNear in Canada
  • Collaborations with meal delivery services in Canada: UberEats etc.
  • Eco meal program launch
Q3 2023
  • NFT marketplace public launch
  • Active marketing of NFT marketplace

Our Team

Max Teodorovych
Alex Lipkov
Yaroslav Naumkin
Max Baburin
Oleksandr Shabratko
Sergei Kachovskyi
Ilya Zhykhariev
Rostislav Gogolauri

Sharing Economy Reinvented For Everyone

FoodNear Foundation is a basic non-profit organization that holds the main share of semi-charitable commercial corporations around the world. All customers and clients will be able to choose any proportion of their profits to distribute for-profit/ non-profit/ semi-charitable activities with the FoodNear Foundation. Only you decide how to distribute your profits for charity and commercial goals.


What blockchain is FoodNear Token based on?

FoodNear Token is Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based token that provides instant transactions across the network.

When does the FoodNear Token go live?

FoodNear Token is the native token of the FoodNear App to go live with the App launch soon. You can join Whitelist in the interim to be the first notified and part in as the early investor with all benefits provided.

On which exchanges will FoodNear be listed?

The exchanges on which FoodNear will be listed are Binance and PancakeSwap.

When can I try FoodNear App?

We are currently at the last stage of the development and the release is coming soon. You can join our Telegram community to keep abreast.

How does the FoodNear work?

We help people to open personal online restaurants free of charge. After 3 months of successful usage, the culinary artists have to pay a small fixed fee to continue to use FoodNear App. Consumers of FoodNear App get the best dishes at the lowest price in their county, minimize the cost of purchasing quality homemade food with the ability for it to be delivered anytime, anywhere.

How will you implement charity component in practice?

70% of received profits will be used for a charity of non-profit organization, 20% - to maintain the platform and 10% for promotion. Buyers on the platform pay nothing but have the option to buy a monthly subscription, or just give a certain amount away.

Where can I find more information about FoodNear?

FoodNear is an ecosystem with the versatility of products in it, which includes FoodNear App, FoodNear Token, FoodNear Foundation, and others. To learn more please check out the FoodNear website and read FoodNear Token Whitepaper.